Brenda Welty, March 14, 2018

Instagram is on trend with social media marketing.  Advertisers are pushing the creative limits of their brand finding ways to be cool and vital and appealing to their customers.

Some unique methods that are used are Video Ads, E-Commerce Ads, and Consumer Product Ads.

Video Ads are commonly used to promote Apps.

The technique is to use still images scrolling and dissolving to create a moving before and after image, as in the 8_fit app with the headline, “12 Weeks to change your life for good.”  The subject is relevant to today’s fitness craze, the photos are dynamic, colorful and compelling.  It will definitely grab the audience’s attention.




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E-Commerce Ads are another style of marketing.

This ad by Gilt is so compelling.  The color palette and the styling is spot on with fashion trends.  It’s also graphically interested with the lines converging vertically and horizontally.  It’s smart advertisers like this who are gaining all the likes and shares and sales.

The E-Commerce Ads are great too because of the calls to action prompting readers to,  “install now”, or “shop” depending upon the ad.  This, taking the customer to the next step toward a purchase.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 8.06.53 AM

Brand awareness or the Consumer Product Ad is another marketing tool.  Often times presenting the brand in a lifestyle context will foster loyalty.  The ID Sarrieri lingerie ad creates a vibe, with the tanned model wearing the gorgeous black lace lingerie, gives a calm and serine feeling.  The image is a voyeuristic view of the young lady soaking in the warm sun in a relaxing pose.

The outfit is modern, the tones pop, the wind-blown hair adds to the experience.

The company also uses the #wintersun and a comment saying, “Escape to your perfect paradise.”  The ad is very appealing.  In this case, the “Shop Now” click box is not needed but is a welcome feature to the audience interested in seeing more.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 2.37.04 PM


With over 700 Million account holders, Instagram has a solid grasp on what the public wants.  The rules of engagement are becoming more precise.  Audiences have informed style and design.  There’s so much good content out there that often times, ads will become lost and best practices are becoming refined.  What’s relevant now are lifestyle shots.  As in the ad above, the image evokes a mood and way of life.

Rather than showing a direct image of a product, be it photographed well, subtlety and portraying a lifestyle is what is appealing to audiences.  The results of which are gaining attention 8X more than ads that ran one year ago.




(Tate, 2017) Article: 55 Amazing Instagram Ads Examples to Inspire You, Retrieved, March 13, 2018


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